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Description of Artwork

In the logo design, the sun is featured shining above Aboriginal country located in the northern, eastern, southern and western areas of the state of South Australia.

Arranged in concentric circles are the colours of the sun’s natural reflections in the sky. The colours depict sunrises and sunsets; these particular times of day offer an opportunity for people to reflect upon either the day the lays ahead or the day that was. As each new day comes along it presents itself with notions of the past, the present and the future.

The outer alignment of smaller dots depicts the sun’s rays, which are shining upon country, the NAIDOC Committee and the activities of NAIDOC Week. They also represent a burst of energy to the logo design that positively lights up the spirit of history, culture and achievement.

The four areas also have arrangements of concentric circles and symbolise meeting places across the landscape that are under the natural reflections of the sun.

Each of the four areas has a different coloured centre. The colours I have chosen, tell a landscape story that connects people to country:

North: The Red Ochre centre depicts the desert sands of the outback areas of the state.

East: The Yellow Ochre centre depicts the geology of the riverland and adjacent eastern areas of the state.

South: The Green centre depicts the vegetation patterns of the Adelaide area and towards the south eastern part of the state.

West: The turquoise centre depicts the crystal clear waters of the west coast areas of the state.

Artwork by Paul Herzich

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